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An Evening Routine to Reduce Cortisol & Improve Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is one of the most important aspects of overall health. In fact, sleep is so important that we recently talked about supporting better sleep habits on the Power Plant Podcast. We talked about how sleep deprivation can lead to chronic health conditions and a decrease in quality of life. If you struggle with sleep issues, it’s also important to know that you are not alone as a huge majority of Americans struggle to get a good night sleep each and every night. However, it is also important to know that there are things that you can do to improve your sleep habits to support better health.

The Top 4 Adaptogenic Herbs for Fatigue

The Top 4 Adaptogenic Herbs for Fatigue
Chronic fatigue is something that so many of us suffer from on a regular basis. Whether it’s from not getting enough sleep, too much stress, or just having way too much on your daily to-do list, fatigue can interfere with your overall quality of life. On top of finding ways to reduce your stress levels, getting more sleep, and finding time for things you enjoy, there are some other steps you can take. Supplementing with adaptogenic herbs may be exactly what your body needs for hormone balance, better mood, and better sleep. All of these play key roles in how much energy you have each day.

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