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Women's Yinergy

$ 35.00

Our signature formula is specifically optimized for Women to provide sustainable energy and focus without using stimulants. These adaptogenic plants work to lower stress and cortisol providing adrenal and hormonal support.

Take Control of Your Day-to-Day and Optimize Cognitive Function

Dr. Vim's signature Women's formula provides sustainable energy and focus without using stimulants. By using powerful adaptogenic plants to reduce stress and cortisol, Yinergy provides adrenal and hormonal support

✓ Boosts stamina and endurance levels
✓ Improves mental and physical resistance to stress
✓ Increases energy levels without stimulants or caffeine
✓ Promotes a healthy functioning immune system
✓ Restores youthful energy

How many capsules do I need per day

Just 1 capsule per day is what we recommend. You can take a second during the day if you feel you need it, but we don’t recommend exceeding 2 per day.

How long will a bottle last?

Either a month or two weeks depending on how many you take per day, each bottle has 30 capsules..

Will Yinergy make me feel Jittery?

Not at all. Yinergy is 100% plant based with no stimulants.

What Type of Quality Can I Expect from Dr. Vim’s Yinergy?

We hold the highest quality standards for our products. We don’t cut corners or spare expense: Dr. Vim's products come in glass bottles to prevent leaching. We are transparent with our ingredients. It’s all on the bottle of all our products. There are therapeutic doses, which just means balanced amounts that you can feel. No product dusting as many companies do. We believe in our products and feel our customers deserve to know exactly what they are putting into their body.

Where can I get it?

We are a local company in Austin, TX. Our products are available at Central Markets across Texas, Wheatsville Food Co-op, Pure Austin Fitness, and of course directly from us on our website.

Rhodiola Sure: A favorite among athletes and herbal practitioners, Rhodiola has a reputation as one of the world’s greatest mood and energy tonics.

LJ100 Tongkat Ali: Also known as Tongkat Ali, LJ-100 is a first-class energy tonic originally used in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Cordyceps Super: Cordyceps is a powerful adaptogenic mushroom that is used extensively by athletes and herbalists to promote endurance, enhance lung function, and maintain a healthy libido.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha: Despite the fact that it’s extracted without the use of solvents, it remains the most potent Ashwagandha on the market.

Oat Straw: Also known as Avena Sativa, Oatstraw is known as the herb of longevity in Ayurvedic medicine. In addition to being an adaptogen and adrenal tonic, it's also a nootropic providing a calm focus.

American Ginseng: Known as the 'Yin Ginseng', American Ginseng contains similar ginsenosides to its Chinese counterpart, although is traditionally viewed as a gentler tonic better suited to people with excess metabolic heat.

Rehmannia Glutinosa: Rehmannia is used in Chinese Medicine to cool the body from within, replenishing fluids and promoting adrenal balance.

DGL Licorice: Far more than just an odd tasting candy, licorice root is a powerful adrenal tonic in its own right.

Moomiyo Ultra: This unique substance is celebrated by Ayurveda for its powerful adaptogenic properties. Additionally, it can help enhance the activity and absorption of other natural extracts.

Bioperine Black Pepper: Bioperine is a black pepper extract that enhances the absorption of fat soluble and water soluble nutrients. It is commonly used to catalyze herbal extracts and formulas.

Organic Bamboo Silica: Silica is an essential element for maintaining the integrity and health of the skin, ligaments, tendons and bones. Silica has a restorative effect on many of the body’s tissues.

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GMO Free
Gluten Free
100% Vegan
100% Natural
GMP Certified