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Anxiety & Digestive Health Issues. Plus, Which Adaptogens Can Help

Anxiety & Digestive Health Issues. Plus, Which Adaptogens Can Help


Anxiety and digestive health issues are two things that many Americans suffer from on a regular basis, and the two are more closely connected than you may think. New research is emerging about the amazing connection between the gut and the brain. There is also research on the gut microbiome and imbalanced gut flora leading to things like anxiety and depression.

Let’s take a look at how anxiety and digestive health issues are connected and then how adaptogens can help.



The Connection Between Anxiety & Digestive Health Issues


The gut-brain connection links anxiety to stomach distress and stomach distress to anxiety. Think about a stressful time in your life. Did you suffer from an upset stomach? This is a common complaint during high-stress times, and that’s because the brain has a powerful effect on the stomach. This is why many people may feel nauseous when they are upset or suffer from heartburn when they are stressed out.

When you are dealing with anxiety, your body enters into a fight-or-flight mode which directly impacts your digestion. Your digestive system slows down and doesn’t work the way it should. Since fight-or-flight is supposed to be a temporary response until a stressor is no longer present, you may not even notice that your digestive system was affected. However, in cases of chronic stress when someone is constantly in a state of fight-or-flight digestion can become out of whack.

How Can Adaptogens Help?


So, how can adaptogens help? Adaptogens are known to help promote a state of calm, and many are commonly used to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. When you reduce stress and anxiety, you also help support digestive health since mental health and digestion go hand in hand.

Some of the best adaptogenic herbs for anxiety are ashwagandha, holy basil, and Rhodiola. These adaptogens work by responding to what is going on in the body. So, if you are suffering from heightened stress or anxiety, they will work to restore balance and help you feel more calm and centered.

Taking a blend of adaptogenic herbs also works well. Supplements like Yinergy or Vigor are ideal for stress and anxiety as these use a combination of synergistic herbs that all work together to help you feel your best.

Since mental health and digestion are so closely connected, if you suffer from digestive issues or frequent anxiety it’s important to address both so that one does not negatively affect the other.

Consider taking a high-quality adaptogenic supplement, and try implementing the following stress-reducing tips.

•    Get Outside More: Sometimes getting outside in the sunshine is all we need to feel better. Try going for a brisk walk each day to reduce stress and anxiety.

•    Move Your Body: Exercise is important for both mental and physical health and can certainly help improve digestion. Try exercising a little bit each day, but always listen to your body and do what feels best.

•    Take a Look at Your Diet: The foods you eat play a direct role on the health of your digestive system, but foods can also impact how you feel mentally. If your diet is full of sugar and processed foods, you will be more likely to experience blood sugar imbalances which can lead to irritability and mood swings. Focus on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats like avocados, coconuts, nuts, and seeds, and clean protein like grass-fed animal products.



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