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The Five Reasons You Should be Taking Cordyceps

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The Five Reasons You Should be Taking Cordyceps

Have you heard about cordyceps mushrooms? If not, you may be surprised at exactly what they can do for your overall health.

Here at Dr. Vim’s, we use cordyceps in our adaptogenic blends for a couple of different reasons. Let’s start by talking about what cordyceps are, and then how they can benefit your health.



What Are Cordyceps? Plus 5 Reasons To Take Them 


Cordyceps are a type of mushroom that has been around since at least the 15th century. They were thought to have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Tibetan medicine, and is still commonly used to help support energy levels as well as endurance. This is one of the big reasons people take cordyceps, to help support athletic performance. 

So, what can taking this special mushroom do for you? Here are five reasons you may want to consider taking cordyceps.

#1 Boost Energy & Prevent Exercise-Induced Fatigue 

One of the more popular reasons to supplement with this mushroom is to help combat fatigue. Since cordyceps contains adenosine, it can help with the production of ATP, meaning more energy for you. Many people also use cordyceps to help prevent exercise-induced fatigue.

#2 Boost the Immune System

Like many adaptogens, cordyceps can helps support a healthy immune system. It is great to supplement with during cold and flu season to keep you strong and healthy.

#3 Support Stable Blood Sugar Levels

Many of the herbs we use in our adaptogenic blends work with your body to help support healthy blood sugar levels. Cordyceps can help keep blood sugar levels stable and may even help control insulin levels.

#4 Improve Detoxification

Cordyceps have the amazing ability to help support the body’s natural detoxification process by boosting liver function. Having a healthy liver means your body is able to efficiently detoxify built up toxins.

#5 Support Respiratory Health

Lastly, cordyceps have been found to be very helpful when battling a respiratory infection. Many people supplement with this mushroom to help support respiratory health and support circulation which in turn helps support healthy oxygen flow to the lungs.

Cordyceps have the amazing ability to support your overall health in so many different ways. Not only can they help support an overall healthier body, but they can help you feel more energized as well. Supplementing with cordyceps in an adaptogenic herb blend that works with your body such as Yinergy or Vigor is the ideal way to help achieve overall balance in the body and feel your absolute best.


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