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Happy March! Here are 5 Ways to Make This Your Best Month Yet

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Happy March! Here are 5 Ways to Make This Your Best Month Yet

Happy March! As a way to celebrate the 1st of the month, we are sharing five ways to make this your best month yet. There’s no better time than now to make healthy eating and lifestyle changes, especially as we enter into spring. The weather gets warmer which allows us to get outside and be active, and our bodies begin to crave lighter and more refreshing foods.

So, let’s start March off on the right foot by making these simple yet very healthy changes to our everyday lives!


5 Ways to Make March Your Best Month Yet  


#1 Add More Greens to Your Diet: What better month than March than to start to add more greens to your diet? Try adding some kale and spinach to your daily smoothies, and add some sliced avocado to a large salad each day.

#2 Get Outside for a Daily Walk: While a large majority of you may still be experiencing some pretty cold temperatures, towards the end of the month, things may start to warm up. When the weather gets warmer, get outside for a daily walk. It will do both your mind and body some good!

#3 Get Social: While a big part of being healthy is often focused on diet and exercise, taking care of your mental health is just as important. If the winter felt pretty isolating to you, make this the month you reach out to friends, or go out and meet new friends at local community events! Being social is a great way to help support mental health.

#4 Try Adaptogens: If you haven’t tried adding adaptogens to your supplement routine, give them a try this month! Our Yinergy and Vigor blends are designed to help you feel your best. These blends use a combination of adaptogenic herbs to help reduce feeling of stress and anxiety, and can help your feel more productive and positive each day.

#5 Try Medicinal Mushrooms: Another excellent way to boost your health this month is to try medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms like the ones in our Magnificent Mushrooms blends can help support exercise recovery, stamina, immune support, and mental clarity. We offer a brain, athletic, and immune support blend to help support your unique needs.

Make March your healthiest month so far this year! Try implementing these tips to help you feel your best and kickstart March on a healthy and positive note.


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