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Are All Supplements Created Equal? What You Need to Look for in a Quality Supplement

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Are All Supplements Created Equal? What You Need to Look for in a Quality Supplement

Have you ever wondered if all supplements are created the same? Walking down the supplement aisle or shopping for supplements online can be overwhelming. There are so many different options, all of which make certain claims. But, which one is best?

The truth is that not all supplements are created equal. Some are most certainly higher quality than others, and there are a couple of ways to spot the highest quality options out there.

Let’s take a look at what you need to look for.   



What You Need to Look For in a Quality Supplement


#1 Check for Artificial Ingredients and Fillers: Many supplement companies will use artificial ingredients and fillers in their products because they can cut corners price wise. However, the last thing you want to spend your money on is a supplement that doesn’t work because it’s packed full of fillers and additives that are downright unhealthy for you. Be sure to check the ingredient list and watch out for things like artificial colorings, preservatives, BHT, and titanium dioxide.

#2 Choose Glass VS Plastic: Plastic supplement bottles can be problematic for a couple of different reasons. For one, plastic often contains BPA which is a known endocrine disruptor. Plastic bottles also tend to leach toxins, so it is best to stick with glass.

#3 Choose a Toxin-Free Option: Our bodies are exposed to so many toxins on a daily basis that the last thing you want to do is expose yourself to more toxins by taking a supplement you think may be good for you. Watch out for supplements that contain caffeine, fillers, and GMO’s. Opt for a supplement that is gluten-free and plant-based if possible.

#4 Know Exactly What You Are Taking: Many supplement companies get away with not letting you in on exactly what’s in their product. They may be able to get away with this by listing an ingredient as “natural” but not elaborating as to what that is. Stick to supplements that offer transparency when it comes to what’s in each bottle.

By following these guidelines, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality supplement possible. Here at Dr. Vim’s, we take pride in not cutting corners when it comes to quality. 

We provide our customers with transparency so they know exactly what they are taking. 

We also provide the following in each bottle:

  • Therapeutic doses so you feel a difference

  • Glass VS plastic bottles.
  • The highest quality and most potent extracts available.
  • Plant-based and toxin-free supplements.

If you are looking for a new high-quality supplement, shop around at what we have to offer here at Dr. Vim’s. Our adaptogenic Yinergy and Vigor blends offer adrenal, energy, mood, and stress support. We also offer Holy Basil and Rosehip and Hibiscus Tea that work really well to help reduce stress and help you feel your best.  





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