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4 Ways to Stay Motivated & Positive

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4 Ways to Stay Motivated & Positive

Excess stress can put us in a funk — and being stuck in a rut can also lead to lower motivation. If you’ve been feeling out of whack lately with the added stress of everything going on around us, we have five tips to help you stay motivated and positive. 


4 Ways to Stay Motivated & Positive  

#1 Stay in the Present Moment 

It’s easy to let our minds wander and spend time thinking about what’s to come. But when we are mindful about focusing on the present moment, we can put some of the stress and anxiety at ease, which may make it easier to continue to tackle that to-do list or get that workout in you had on the calendar. 

#2 One Small Accomplishment Per Day 

During this time where we are all stuck at home, try to set yourself up for success with one small goal to accomplish per day. Once you tackle one thing, you may be more likely to feel that sense of accomplishment of checking something off of your to-do list again tomorrow. It can be a domino effect leading to increased motivation! 

#3 Don’t Forget to Take Time For Yourself

While it’s easy to focus on all of the things you’ve had on your to-list for some time now, don’t forget to practice self-care daily. By taking care of yourself, you’ll allow yourself to be more available to doing everything else that needs to get done, and you may notice a boost in your motivation to get some important tasks done. 

#4 Give Yourself a Boost With Adaptogens 

It’s during times of increased stress that the body needs some added support, and if you’re feeling depleted lately, adaptogens may be able to offer you some support. Adaptogens help support the body’s stress response, and many people notice an increase in productivity and energy with our Yinergy and Vigor adaptogenic blends. 

Kick That Motivation up a Notch 

Sometimes the hardest part of getting out of a funk is to just get started! It’s like with anything — starting can be the hardest part. This is your invitation to give yourself that gentle push to get yourself motivated again to do what you need to do to take care of you! 

Start today by staying in the present moment, taking some time for you, and consider adaptogens to help give you support during this stressful time. Once you see yourself feeling a bit more motivated each day, you’ll quickly see how you can keep the motivation and productivity going. 

Here’s to staying motivated to continue to take care of you during this time of added stress. 


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