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The Top 5 Things You Should Do Each Morning to Stay Positive and Productive All Day

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The Top 5 Things You Should Do Each Morning to Stay Positive and Productive All Day

When you wake up in the morning, how does your day usually start? Do you pour yourself a cup of coffee, completely forget to eat breakfast, and run out the door just in time to get to work? Or, do you have some type of morning routine to kick-start your day?

No matter how you go about getting your day started, there are some quick and easy things anyone can do to stay positive and productive each day.

In addition to taking adrenal support adaptogens like our Yinergy and Vigor formulas for optimal mood, focus, and energy support, these five small but powerful morning habits will help set the tone for a positive day and help you power through whatever you have ahead.



The Top 5 Things You Should Do Each Morning to Stay Positive and Productive All Day


#1 Do 10-Minutes of Reading: Start your day by pouring yourself a cup of herbal tea like Dr. Vim’s Rosehip Hibiscus or Holy Basil tea and reading 10 minutes of your favorite personal development book. This will help set the tone for a more productive day. Don’t have time to sit down and read? How about trying an audiobook or a podcast as you are getting breakfast ready?

#2 Go for a Quick Walk: If you have pups at home, get them outside for a quick walk before your day starts. This is an excellent way to get the blood flowing and the mind working before you head out the door to work. Don't have a dog at home? Get out for a walk on your own, or get a friend or family member to join!

#3 Set Your Daily Intentions: Setting your intentions for the day is the perfect way to stay positive. Think about what you want to accomplish and write it down on a sticky note. Carry it with you throughout the day. If you run into a bump in the road, remember the intentions you set, take a deep breath and keep going about your day.

#4 Write Out Your Schedule: You can either do this the night before, or while you sit down and enjoy breakfast. Writing out your schedule is the best way to stay on top of what you have going on. It also allows you to prioritize what’s most important and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed.

#5 Listen to a Podcast on Your Way to Work: If you have a long commute to work, listening to a podcast is a great way to distract you from the fact that you are stuck in rush hour traffic. Listen to a couple of podcasts until you find the one you love.

Being more productive and positive each day all starts with how you begin your day. Try these simple yet effective tips to see just how much more you can get done with a positive attitude each day.




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