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Happy April! Here Are 5 Ways to Help Boost Your Health This Month

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Happy April! Here Are 5 Ways to Help Boost Your Health This Month

Happy April! As a new month begins, it’s time to think about ways to support overall health and set new goals. April is also the first full month of spring, so it’s the perfect month for a health refresh.

Let’s take a look at five ways you can boost your health this month.


5 Ways to Boost Your Health This Month 


#1 Enjoy Gut-Boosting Foods: Optimal gut health is central to overall health, so adding gut-boosting foods to your diet can help you feel your best this month. Try adding things like sauerkraut, full-fat unsweetened coconut milk yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha to your diet.

#2 Make Your Mental Health a Priority: Our mental health is just as important as physical health, and often times it gets pushed to the wayside as we focus on different areas of life.  However, mental health is so important, so try to make it a priority this month. Try doing more of what you love, and letting go of some of the obligations that no longer serve you, or that cause a ton of added stress.

#3 Manage Stress: Managing stress goes hand in hand with making your mental health a priority this month. If your stress levels have become out of control lately, it’s time to sit back and think about ways you can get your stress under control. Maybe you can find 15-minutes per day to implement some stress management, or wake up 10 minutes earlier each day to practice some meditation. Find some time to carve out some stress reduction each day. Another way to help support an overall sense of balance is to supplement with adaptogenic herbs. Our adaptogenic herb blends Yinergy and Vigor can help support homeostasis and help you feel a little more balanced and productive each day. If you’ve been thinking about trying adaptogens, make April the month you see if they can help support your overall health.

#4 Get Social: Get out and make time for friends and family. With the weather getting warmer, it’s easier to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Make time for walks with friends and outings with your family. Making time to be social is such an important part of a balanced life.

#5 Pick a Hobby: If you’ve been thinking about picking up a hobby, but just haven’t had the time, make April the month you go for it! Maybe you’ve been meaning to learn how to knit, or get back into scrapbooking. No matter what your creative outlet is, or what hobby you want to pick up next, pick one and give it a try this month.

Every month is an opportunity for a reset, so make April your best month yet this year! Try implementing these five tips to help kick start April and tackle some of your health, wellness, and personal goals this month.  


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