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Dr. Vim’s Supplements– Truly Home-Grown Science

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Dr. Vim’s Supplements– Truly Home-Grown Science

      As an ND, I am constantly reinforcing to people that Naturopathic Medicine is evidenced-based medicine. Because we work holistically, treat the cause, focus on nutrition and lifestyle factors, we often get erroneously pin-holed into an unscientific category. Pharmaceutical-grade raw materials and formulas that are based upon therapeutic doses with researched validity are the standards we seek out. We rely on companies to self-report their standards and prove they are legitimate. Dr.Vim's is a company that certainly provides this level of detail. 

I sat down to chat with Cory to learn about Dr. Vim’s. Immediately I was struck by the level of environmentalism, attention to quality, and focus on research. These values demonstrate a high level of consciousness that you don’t often find in companies. Sustainable raw materials, glass bottles and affordability were common themes throughout our conversation. Dr. Vim’s is an Austin-based company who has painstakingly researched energy and focus formulas for both men and women. 

I am one of the most stubborn cases of fatigue I know. I have tried countless formulas with marginal results, and as an ND, I have worked up the GI, thyroid, adrenal, immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. Getting an adrenal support formula just right takes time and high consideration of feedback. These are two things that Cory Llewellyn from Dr. Vim’s has paid close attention to and thus created a very effective blend of adrenal formulas.I have to admit, when I tried their women’s adrenal formula, Yinergy, it was with great eye-rolling skepticism. 

In my own case study using myself, the Yinergy supplement boosted my mood and energy level. I am currently training for an 18-mile race so I do push myself hard with long runs and workouts. When I went off the supplement, I saw notable change in my energy levels, especially midday. During my ten-mile runs, my speed became slower by about 45 seconds per mile. When I resumed the Yinergy, my times were restored. 

This was certainly telling for me. To find actual support with a hard-to-treat and manage fatigue case was big. Factual research, volumes of case studies, and footnotes have been recorded on the Dr. Vim’s website (drvims.com). The website has podcasts that are informative and email communication with Cory is prompt and helpful. 

Just because something is not in prescription form does not mean that it is not pharmaceutical grade. This is the dilemma plaguing nutraceutical companies.Quality often means paying more and if the average person does not truly understand that difference, they will take cheaper supplements from companies that devalue quality, creating a sub-therapeutic end results and a bad reputation for supplements as a whole. Quality matters, but for most people without a science background, that is difficult to discern. The researched-based, quality supplements by Dr. Vim's makes proving scientific self-worth much easier.

by Dr. Amy Nelson 

Dr. Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson, ND* received her Naturopathic Doctorate from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR where she studied nutrition, homeopathy, herbal and functional medicine. In addition, Dr. Nelson was the Associate at The IBS Treatment Center in Santa Monica where she treated irritable bowel syndrome and complex food allergies. Dr. Nelson utilizes her experience in natural medicine to address female and male hormonal imbalances, mental health and digestive disorders.


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