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The Benefits of Matcha For Stress (+ A Delicious Iced Latte Recipe)

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The Benefits of Matcha For Stress (+ A Delicious Iced Latte Recipe)

As part of our theme of stress-reduction over the last couple of weeks, we’re sharing a stress-reducing matcha latte recipe with you to not only help promote an overall sense of calm but to help boost your mood as well. 

Here’s why this iced matcha latte is so great for stress 


Matcha For Stress

Studies have shown that the amino acid theanine, found in Green tea holds some pretty impressive stress-reducing properties. Matcha may be a great stress-busting choice since matcha powder is known to be especially rich in this amino acid. 

One study found that matcha reduced anxiety related to stress, giving up one more reason to whip up a mug of matcha tea to get our day started off on a calmer note! 

How to Make This Stress-Reducing Matcha Latte  

Stress-Reducing Iced Matcha Latte 


Add the milk to a stockpot over low heat and heat until warm. Whisk in the matcha powder and remove from heat, whisking in the remaining ingredients minus the ice. 

Whisk well and pour over a tall glass with ice. 


We’ve also added a serving of our Magnificent Mushrooms Brain Blend to this latte to help support optimal memory and focus, provide mood and stress support, as well as support mental energy. 

Whip up this latte in place of your morning cup of coffee to set the tone for a more energized and stress-free day. 


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