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Four Ways to Nourish Your Body After Exercise for Better Workout Recovery

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Four Ways to Nourish Your Body After Exercise for Better Workout Recovery

We all know just how important exercise is for overall health, but what you do and how you nourish your body after a workout is just as important. With fatigued muscles, depleted glycogen stores, and electrolyte levels, it’s essential to support your body and replenish.

Here are four ways to nourish your body after exercise for better workout recovery.


4 Ways to Nourish Your Body After Exercise    


#1 Nourish with the Right Foods: Nourishing your body with the right foods after a workout is key to supporting how well and how quickly your body recovers. Your muscles are depending on protein to support muscle growth and repair, and it’s important to replenish depleted glycogen stores. Try enjoying a balanced meal as soon as possible after a workout, and if you can’t eat a full meal, try blending up a balance post-workout shake with almond milk, collagen protein, sliced avocado, dark leafy greens, berries, and our Magnificent Mushrooms Athletic Blend.

#2 Nourish Those Muscles: Another way to help promote better workout recovery is by nourishing those tired muscles with lots of post-workout stretching. While you may be in a rush to wrap up your workout, don’t neglect the stretch, it will only help you feel better and speed up your recovery time.

#3 Hydrate: We can’t forget about hydration, and sometimes the body requires more than just plain old water, especially after an intense workout. Try rehydrating and replenishing electrolytes with coconut water after your workout. Just be sure to choose a coconut water that doesn’t contain any added ingredients or sugar.

#4 Supplement Appropriately: While refueling with the right and most nourishing foods should be your number one priority after a workout, supplementing appropriately can also have a huge impact on how well your body recovers after exercise. Our Magnificent Mushrooms Athletic Blend makes the perfect addition to your post workout shake. This blend was designed to not only help boost exercise performance during your workout but also promote better recovery time.

The Bottom Line

While it may not seem as important as actually exercising, how you support your body after a workout is just as important! So, try adding these four tips into your post-workout routine to see how much better you feel and how much faster you recover.


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