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Why Caffeine May Burn Out Your Adrenals + What you Can Use Instead

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Why Caffeine May Burn Out Your Adrenals + What you Can Use Instead

Let’s face it, when life gets busy, sleep may be lower on our priority list. With a go, go lifestyle and less sleep, you are more likely to fill that coffee cup up more than you would like to admit just to keep things moving along throughout your day. But, the thing about caffeine is that it often leads to a sudden spike of energy, but it doesn’t last long, and many people get pretty jittery with caffeine consumption. Not only that, but too much caffeine can also be pretty taxing to the adrenals, which is not exactly what you want when your body is already run down and stressed.

When you pair a steady flow of stimulating caffeine with chronic levels of stress, you are setting yourself up for high cortisol levels, and when this chronic stress and hectic lifestyle goes on for too long, your adrenal glands may get burnt out.

So, if you are super stressed and rely on those daily 4-5 cups of coffee per day just to get by, give your adrenals a break, and try a natural caffeine alternative instead. You may be happily surprised with the energy boost these alternatives give you, and how much less jittery you feel throughout the day.


Healthier Caffeine Alternatives     


#1 Essential Oils: Essential oils are great for so many different aspects of health, and if you need an afternoon energy boost that doesn’t require caffeine, try diffusing a citrus or peppermint pure grade essential oil. You would be surprised at what a natural boost of energy this could give you!

#2 Yinergy or Vigor: Our adaptogenic herb blends are great for helping support stabilized energy levels throughout the day that doesn’t come with the jittery feeling many people get with caffeine. Many of our customers feel like they get more out of their day with sustained energy levels when they take Yingery or Vigor.

#3 Holy Basil Tea: Holy basil tea is amazing because it can have a very grounding affect making you feel a bit more calm and centered while also supporting natural energy levels. If you need a little boost and a little mood booster in the middle of your day, try brewing a cup of our Dr. Vim’s Holy Basil Tea 

#4 Move Your Body: Another really simple way of boosting your energy levels when you’re feeling sluggish in the morning or in the middle of the day when that afternoon energy crash hits is to simply move your body. If you can, get up and walk, and if you’re stuck at a desk, try to get up and stretch. Just moving the body is a great way to get the blood flowing and to help you feel a little more energized to power through your day.

The Bottom Line

Life is busy, and it’s easy to rely on caffeine to help us get through the day. However, too much caffeine can stress the body, and it can become quite addictive. Instead, try a natural caffeine alternative to support energy while also supporting your health. And, if you must have caffeine, try to limit it to one to two cups of coffee per day as you incorporate more natural alternatives in when you would normally pour that third cup.


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