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5 Ways to Lose Weight Today by Reducing Your Sugar Intake

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5 Ways to Lose Weight Today by Reducing Your Sugar Intake

Sugar has been a hot topic over the last few years as more people are trying to find ways to cut back on their intake. Sugar can be a big cause of inflammation, high blood sugar, low energy levels, and even weight gain. (1

Weight gain and sugar intake are linked for a few reasons. For one,  sugar intake can cause blood sugar imbalances. Consuming sugary foods can also lead to further sugar cravings, and sugary foods are often much higher in empty calories than nutrient-dense whole foods. 

The good news is that there are some pretty simple ways to reduce your sugar intake. 


5 Ways to Lose Weight & Promote Wellness By Reducing Your Sugar Intake  


#1 Stop Eating Flavored Yogurt: While once viewed as a health food, yogurt is often loaded with added sugar. You will want to avoid flavored yogurts as these are usually the worst sugar offenders. If you do like yogurt, stick to full-fat unsweetened versions to cut down on your sugar intake. 

#2 Ditch the Juice: While freshly squeezed juice is on ok addition to your diet, the juice that is sitting on your local grocery store shelf likely contains added sugar. Instead, try juicing up some fruits and veggies at home, or sipping on a smoothie. 

#3 Be Careful with Salad Dressings: Who knew salad dressing could be full of added sugar? Unfortunately, sugar isn’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to salad dressing. You also have to be careful about what type of oil is used as often times, store-bought dressing contains inflammatory oils like soy and canola. Try making your own salad dressing using olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and fresh herbs and spices. 

#4 Use a Natural Sweetener: Try using a natural sweetener in place of refined sugar. Things like pure maple syrup and raw honey are great options, just keep in mind that these should be used in moderation as well. Try swapping out regular sugar from a drizzle of raw honey in your morning cup of coffee, and use pure maple syrup to drizzle over your oatmeal instead of brown sugar. 

#5 Choose More Whole Foods: Last but not least, is sticking to whole foods. Whole and nutrient-dense foods are going to be your best bet when it comes to reducing your sugar intake. Stick to more foods that don’t come in a box (fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds) and less packaged foods like cookies, crackers, and granola bars.The cleaner your diet, the easier it will be to reduce your sugar intake. 

Bonus Tip: Another huge part of maintaining a healthy weight is reducing stress and supporting the adrenal glands. When your stress levels are high, and your adrenals are out of balance, your hormones can do funky things. With imbalanced hormones comes the potential for weight gain. So, to help support a healthy weight, you have to support the adrenals. Our adaptogenic blends Yinergy and Vigor are excellent for adrenal health and may even help you feel a bit more centered and motivated each day. It’s a win, win. Not only do they help support the adrenals, but they may help give you that extra motivation you need to meal prep and exercise as well.


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