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This Simple Acupuncture Technique Reduces Stress (and you can do it at home)

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This Simple Acupuncture Technique Reduces Stress (and you can do it at home)

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to help support balance in the body. This Traditional Chinese Medicine modality is something than many people are starting to turn to when dealing with periods of stress.

Acupuncture is thought to stimulate acupressure points, which in turn helps to balance the flow of energy, also known as “qi” in TCM. Modern medicine believes that acupuncture works by stimulating a nerve, and that the nerve sends signs to the brain that then release certain hormones to make the person receiving the acupuncture feel better. (1) Whether looking at the Traditional Chinese Medicine model or what modern science says about acupuncture, there’s no denying its ability to help support health. 

If you are feeling stressed out, stress happens to be one of the things acupuncture is thought to help. And, the great news is that you can actually reduce stress with a very simple acupuncture technique at home. 


The Acupuncture Technique You Can Try at Home to Reduce Stress 


We’re talking about ear seeds. These have become quite popular over the last couple of year as celebrities like Penelope Cruz have been spotted using these to help promote balance. 

Ear seeds are very small seeds that are applied to the ear with an adhesive backing. The ear seeds then stimulate pressure points and are thought to help with things like stress, anxiety, fatigue, and even food cravings. You simply apply the ear seeds to the outside of your ear and press them when you are feeling tense and anxious. (2)

Some acupuncturists are even offering ear seeds to their patients so that they can receive the benefits of acupuncture well after their session in the office. It’s something that anyone can do at home that’s also non-invasive and very inexpensive. 

Where to Find Ear Seeds

Interested in trying this acupuncture technique out? You can find ear seeds online, or ask your acupuncturist if this is something they offer.  It's also best to work with an acupuncturist first so they can show you the best spots to place the ear seeds depending on which symptoms you may be having. 

So, if you have been looking for a way to get relief from some of your stress, ear seeds may be worth a shot! They may make the perfect complement to what you are already doing to reduce your stress levels.

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