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5 Benefits of Adaptogens You May Not Know About

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5 Benefits of Adaptogens You May Not Know About

It’s during times of increased stress that many of us start to look for ways we can all start to support our physical and mental wellbeing. 

In this post, we’re talking about adaptogens, and five benefits you may not already know about. Plus, why adaptogenic herbs may be something you want to consider adding to your current self-care routine. 


What Are Adaptogens?

First, let’s break down what adaptogens actually are. They can be defined as plants (including herbs and roots) that can help the body deal with stress. They have long been used in Chinese as well as Ayurvedic medicine and are often used to help support a better sense of balance during times of stress.  

5 Benefits of Adaptogens You May Not Know About

#1 Help Combat Fatigue

One of the benefits that comes with helping your body cope with stress is improved energy levels. Adaptogens are believed to help combat fatigue. Sipping on a mug of Holy Basil tea or taking an adaptogenic supplement in the morning may give you that added energy boost almost all of us could benefit from. 

#2 May Give The Immune System a Boost

Since chronic stress can tax our immune systems, it makes sense that supplementing with adaptogens may be a great way to support our immune system as well. 

#3 Boost Brain Function

Adaptogens are also commonly known to help support cognitive function while helping us feel a bit more productive to tackle our to-do list each day.  

#4 May Support Athletic Stamina

If you are looking for a natural way to give your body a little boost when it comes to exercise endurance, adaptogens may be a great choice. Plus, adaptogens don’t come with the jittery side effects many caffeine-based athletic performance supplements come with, which is a huge plus. 

#5 Supports an Overall Sense of Calm

Certain adaptogens like ashwagandha and Ginseng have been shown to help support an overall sense of calm in the body. This can be extremely helpful for calming those anxious feelings many of us experience during stressful times. 

See What Adaptogens Can Do For You 

If you have been considering adaptogens for some time, now may be a great time to see what they can do to support your body during times of stress. 

Here at Dr. Vim’s, we offer blends for both men and women. Yinergy and Vigor are made using therapeutic dosages, so you can actually feel a difference! 


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