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4 Ways to Support a Better Mood Each Day

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4 Ways to Support a Better Mood Each Day

With all the added stressors going on around us, we could all use a mood boost, and the good news is that there are lots of things we can do to help set the tone for a more upbeat and positive day.  Here are four tips on supporting a better mood.

4 Tips For Supporting a Better Mood Each Day 

#1 Start Your Day With An Intention  

While it’s easy to just jump out of bed in the morning and get started on your daily to-do list, take a moment to just be present and set your intention for the day. This could come in the form of a morning journaling practice or doing a daily intention meditation. Find what works best for you, and it may make a big difference in how you feel each day.  

#2 Consider Adaptogens  

Adaptogenic herbs are known for helping support the body’s stress response, and when we are feeling less stressed, we tend to be in a better mood. Consider starting your day with an adaptogenic herb supplement like Yinergy or Vigor.  

#3 Stretch or Do Some Yoga in The Morning  

In addition to the practice you have for setting your intention for the day, consider moving the body a bit with some yoga or stretching. Oftentimes, some movement first thing in the morning is exactly what the mind and body need to help us feel more centered before the busy day begins.  

#4 Get Outside  

Vitamin D (aka the sunshine vitamin) does wonders for mood, and it doesn’t take much. Try to get outside for even just 15 minutes each day on your lunch break or for a morning walk. It will do your mind and body some good! 

Supporting Mood Through Healthy Habits 

While there are so many things that play into our mood, finding simple ways to incorporate some healthy wellness practices into your daily routine may go a long way in helping support mood.  So, consider starting your day with a journaling intention practice, move your body, consider adaptogens, and get outside! These four things may be exactly what you need for a better mood.

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