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4 Super Nutritious Plant-Based Protein-Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

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4 Super Nutritious Plant-Based Protein-Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

When eating plant-based, a common misconception is that it’s difficult to get enough protein, but here’s the thing — there are plenty of plant-based foods that happen to be incredibly nutrient-dense and rich in protein.  Below are four plant-based foods to consider adding to your diet to up your protein intake.

4 Plant-based Protein-Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

#1 Nuts & Seeds 

 Not only are nuts and seeds a great source of healthy fat, but they also happen to come with the added benefit of protein.  Consider adding a handful of almonds to your smoothie or enjoy some walnuts or pecans with your morning bowl of oatmeal. Flax and hemp seeds also make great additions to a healthy salad, and you can use chia seeds to make chia pudding. 

#2 Beans

Beans are super versatile and a great way to add some protein to your plant-based diet. Try making homemade hummus using chickpeas or add some black beans to a healthy brownie recipe — you won’t even be able to detect them!  Beans are also great added to a homemade veggie burger.

#3 Lentils 

Lentils also pack in a ton of plant-based protein and you can use them to make a homemade plant-based “meat sauce,” or use in pasta dishes and salads. Lentils are also great added to soups and stews.

#4 Tempeh 

Tempeh is often a plant-based staple as it’s rich in dietary protein and it happens to make a yummy meat alternative. You can enjoy tempeh with things like salads or try marinating some tempeh in a balsamic vinegar sauce for some added savory flavor and enjoying it with some rice pasta. 

A Protein-Rich Plant-Based Diet is Possible 

There are plenty of plant-based foods that are rich in protein and these four options happen to pack in a serious nutritional punch.  If you’re looking for ways to up your plant-based protein intake, consider these four options. They are sure to not only add protein to your diet, but some dietary fiber, and important vitamins and minerals too!

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