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You Won’t Believe How These Medicinal Mushrooms Improve Focus & Energy (Plus, how to include them in your diet)

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You Won’t Believe How These Medicinal Mushrooms Improve Focus & Energy (Plus, how to include them in your diet)

Medicinal mushrooms are booming in popularity as more people are turning to natural remedies such as cordyceps for immune and energy support and reishi to help support athletic recovery and performance. 

If you are new to medicinal mushrooms and want to learn how they can help improve your focus and energy, read on. We’re also breaking down five creative ways to add them to your diet. 


The Medicinal Mushrooms to Improve Focus & Energy  


Reishi: Reishi is commonly used among athletes to help reduce athletic burnout and fatigue while also supporting mental endurance and helping you feel a bit more centered. You can find reishi in Dr. Vim’s Magnificent Mushrooms Athletic blend that serves as the perfect supplement to enjoy before or after training. 

Cordyceps: Cordyceps acts as a powerful tonic to help improve stamina by helping your body create more ATP. It’s the ultimate pre-workout supplement or just a great way to support better daily energy levels. 

Lion’s Mane: Lion’s Mane is an excellent medicinal mushroom to help protect against memory issues, and may help support cognitive function. Lion’s Mane can be found in our Magnificent Mushrooms Brain Blend

How to Add Medicinal Mushrooms to Your Diet 

Ready to see how medicinal mushrooms can help improve focus and energy levels? Our Magnificent Mushrooms powder blends can be easily mixed into just about anything without altering the taste to easily and conveniently get these mushrooms into your diet. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to get our mushroom blends into your diet. 

  • Whisked into coffee 
  • Blended into a smoothie 
  • Added to homemade guilt-free sweet treat like this recipe 
  • Mixed into energy bite recipes like this one 
  • Added to chia pudding 

Want to give these blends a try? Whip up one of these recipes, and see how these mushrooms benefit your health! They are easy to use, can be hidden in any recipe, and may be the key to helping you have more energy and better focus.  


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