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The Best 5 Plant-Based Protein Sources For a Healthy Diet

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The Best 5 Plant-Based Protein Sources For a Healthy Diet

One of the most common misconceptions of a plant-based diet is that you can’t get enough protein in your diet. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth. There are so many different nutritious food options that are not only rich in protein, but rich in fiber, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

So if you are ready to supercharge your diet whether you are eating a plant-based diet or not, here are five foods that will add a nutritious boost to your diet. 


5 Plant-Based Protein Sources For a Healthy Diet 


#1 Quinoa: Quinoa makes an amazing plant-based source of protein. Packing in eight grams of plant-based protein, you can meet your daily protein requirements by adding some quinoa to your diet. (1) Try making a quinoa stir fry with lots of colorful veggies, adding quinoa to a salad, or use quinoa flour to make some gluten-free pancakes. 

#2 Beans: We can’t deny just how great beans are for overall health. From their impressive fiber and protein content, beans make a great addition to a plant-based diet. Plus, they are easy to add to your diet. Try tossing them into a salad or soup, or if you are feeling adventurous, try blending some cannellini beans into your smoothie for an added plant-based protein boost. 

#3 Superfood Seeds: Seeds like hemp, chia, and flax are also great sources of plant-based protein. Plus, they are great sources of fiber, and plant-based omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce inflammation. These can be blended into a smoothie, or baked into your favorite treats. You can also make a chia pudding for a healthy breakfast or snack that’s easy to take on the go. 

#4 Chickpeas: Chickpeas make a great addition to a plant-based diet as they are also a great source of protein and fiber and can be enjoyed in things like hummus. You can also find chickpea pasta which makes a great pasta alternative. 

#5 Nutritional Yeast: If you avoid dairy, and are looking for a healthy protein-rich alternative that actually tastes a little like cheese, give nutritional yeast a try. Nutritional yeast also happens to be a great source of b-vitamins for added energy support. Try sprinkling some nutritional yeast over popcorn, pasta, or soups for added flavor. 

Get Your Protein in the Plant-Based Way

One of the most common myths about a plant-based diet is that you can’t meet your daily protein requirements. But, a plant-based diet with the right foods makes it easy to get enough protein. So, focus on bulking up your diet with some of these plant-based protein options. They are rich in protein and fiber to support total wellness. 

Want to supercharge your health even more? Consider adding one of Dr. Vim’s Magnificent Mushroom blends to your plant-based smoothies for an added boost.


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