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Support Brain Health with These Medicinal Mushrooms

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Support Brain Health with These Medicinal Mushrooms

As we have recently released our Magnificent Mushroom blends, we wanted to share a little more about just how much they can help support your health. One of the blends we offer here at Dr. Vim’s is our Brain Blend. Believe it or not, there are medicinal mushrooms that have been known to help promote optimal brain function and help you function at your best.

Let’s take a look at just how mushrooms can help support the brain and how you can start adding them into your supplement routine.


How Medicinal Mushrooms Can Help Support The Brain  


Certain medicinal mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi have been known to help support cognitive function in many different ways.

Lion’s Mane: This powerful mushroom may be able to help protect against memory issues while also helping to support symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Cordyceps: One of the more popular medicinal mushrooms, cordyceps can help support the body when you are dealing with chronic stress which is an essential part of protecting brain health. Since stress plays a direct role on the health of our brain, cordyceps may be able to help support optimal cognitive function. Cordyceps is added to our Brain Blend as a way to help you feel and function at your best.

Reishi: Reishi is an adaptogen which complements the other medicinal mushrooms beautifully in our Brain Blend. It can help you feel calm and centered, and may be able to help combat mental fatigue.

Medicinal mushrooms are excellent for so many different areas of our health, and brain health is no exception. If you are interested in supporting brain health with medicinal mushrooms, check out our new Magnificent Mushrooms Brain Blend. You can add our blend to coffee, tea, baked goods or smoothies without even altering the taste.

Check it out here and start safeguarding your brain health for the future.


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