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5 Ways to Support Wellness This Month

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5 Ways to Support Wellness This Month

October is here, which means fall is in full swing. It also means that Halloween and the holiday season are upon us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t support our overall wellness using some simple hacks during this early fall month.  Here are five ways to support wellness as we head into fall. 


5 Ways to Support Wellness This Month 

#1 Challenge Yourself to a Daily Walk  

 Make the most of the crisp fall air by getting outside for a walk each morning. It can be a great way to get some movement in, while also reducing some stress. If morning walks don’t work for you, consider getting out in the afternoon.  

 #2 Start Your Morning With an Adaptogen  

 Adaptogens are known to help support the body’s stress response. Consider starting your morning with adaptogenic herbs, such as our Yinergy and Vigor blends.  

 #3 Swap Out Caffeine For Herbal Tea  

 In addition to considering an adaptogenic herb supplement in the AM, try cutting back on the amount of caffeine you consume each day by swapping out one cup of coffee with herbal tea, such as Holy Basil tea. Reducing your caffeine intake may be especially beneficial for helping you feel a bit more centered if caffeine tends to leave you feeling jittery.  

 #4 Make The Most of In-Season Foods  

The fall comes with so many yummy plant-based foods that happen to be in season. Think pumpkin, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and spaghetti squash. You can use these in things like soups, stews, and to make spaghetti squash pasta.  

 #5 Try Natural Sweeteners vs. Regular Sugar  

As we enter into the Halloween season as well as the Holiday season right after, we’re surrounded by sugary things. The good news is that you can still enjoy some of your favorites, but in a healthier way. Try swapping out regular sugar for pure maple syrup or even raw honey.  

Happy Fall!

October is a beautiful month with the weather and the leaves changing. Let’s make the most of this month by supporting overall wellness so we can feel our best.


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