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Do the Winter Blues Have You Down? Here’s Why Vitamin D is Key

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Do the Winter Blues Have You Down? Here’s Why Vitamin D is Key

Vitamin D is a hot topic this time of year as more people are relying on it to boost their immune system and ward off the cold and flu. However, vitamin D does much more than just keep our immune system strong; vitamin D is also really beneficial for warding off the winter blues. 

If you feel like you could use a mood boost this winter, you may want to consider vitamin D, and here’s why. 


Vitamin D For Mood

Studies have found vitamin D to be beneficial for mood for a few reasons. Studies have found that vitamin D may help prevent depression, and one study even found this vitamin to help improve depression and anxiety in those with fibromyalgia.

Vitamin D may also be beneficial for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when depression symptoms start in the colder months. Vitamin D is thought to help ease symptoms of SAD, especially when we are simply not getting enough vitamin D from sunlight during the winter months. 

How to Get More Vitamin D

There are some foods that are rich in vitamin D, such as egg yolks, wild-caught salmon, and sardines. However, it’s not easy to get enough vitamin D just from diet, so most people do turn to supplementation to help keep their levels up. 

You can also work with your doctor to have your vitamin D levels checked, which would give you a better idea as to how much you would need to supplement with. And, supplementing is super easy! There are liquid vitamin D supplements, some that only require one drop per day, or vitamin D supplements that come in tablet form, making it really easy to add to your current supplement routine. 

The Bottom Line

Making sure you are getting enough vitamin D, in combination with supporting your adrenals with an adaptogenic herb blend like Yinergy and Vigor may help you stay positive, and feel your best, even during the winter when motivation and positivity tend to drop. 

The bottom line—keep those vitamin D levels up and show your adrenals some love for a happier and healthier winter. 


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