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The 8 Wellness Products You Need For Your Healthiest Winter Yet

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The 8 Wellness Products You Need For Your Healthiest Winter Yet

For some of us, winter isn’t coming, winter is here. And, not only does winter bring colder temperatures, but it also comes with a host of different germs. We’re sharing our top 8 favorite wellness products you need for your healthiest winter yet. 


The Top 8 Wellness Products to Keep You Healthy This Winter  

#1 Herbal Tea: Try lowering your caffeine intake this winter and cozy up with a mug of herbal tea instead. Not only is it great to help keep you hydrated, but some herbal teas are also great for balancing overall health. Here at Dr. Vim’s, we offer Holy Basil Tulsi Tea and Rosehip Hibiscus Tea

#2 Natural Hand Sanitizer: Everyone’s out and about shopping this time of year, which also means we’re all coming in contact with lots and lots of germs. Keep a natural hand sanitizer handy, and even some hand sanitizing wipes to wipe down your shopping cart to keep germs away. Some great brands include Dr. Bronner’s, Young Living, and EO hand sanitizing wipes. 

#3 Dr. Vim’s Magnificent Mushrooms Immunity Blend: If you’re looking for a natural supplement to boost your immune system this winter, check out our Magnificent Mushrooms Immunity Blend. You can mix it right into smoothies or even into your morning cup of coffee for an added immune boost. 

#4 Germ Fighting Essential Oils: If you’re a big essential oil fan, then you may already have a few in your cabinet to help keep your house free of germs this winter. Young Living and DoTERRA make some great germ-fighting blends. We love On Guard and Thieves this time of year. 

#5 Yinergy or Vigor: Supporting your adrenals is key to keeping yourself healthy. This all has to do with helping your body deal with stress. So, if you feel fatigued, run-down, and like your adrenals could use a little TLC, consider our adaptogenic herb blends.

#6 Elderberry: If you feel like you’re coming down with the flu, taking elderberry may help decrease the severity and length of your symptoms! 

#7 Water Filter: Treat yourself to a water filter this winter to filter out all of those yucky impurities that we find in tap. We wrote all about the benefits of filtered water here. 

#8 Manuka Honey: Manuka honey is amazing when it comes to soothing a sore throat when you’re already sick and helping keep you healthy throughout the rest of the winter season. You can eat it straight from the jar, or add a drizzle to sweeten your cup of tea. 

The Bottom Line 

Winter is a colder and germier time of the year, but with the right natural products, you can help protect your health and stay healthy all winter long. 

Consider these natural wellness products for your healthiest winter yet. 


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