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4 Lifestyle Habits to Take Into Cooler Weather This Fall

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4 Lifestyle Habits to Take Into Cooler Weather This Fall

Happy September! It’s this time of year that we often start to look forward to all the beauty that comes with fall weather. 

But as we head into a new season, we may also need to make some simple tweaks to our wellness routine, like enjoying more in-season foods and continuing to get outside in the fresh air. 

Below are four lifestyle habits to take into cooler weather this fall. 


4 Lifestyle Habits to Consider As We Head Into Fall  

#1 Continue to Get Outside Regularly 

Even though the weather may be getting cooler, don’t forget to continue to get outside in the fresh air and soak in some much-needed vitamin D! Get out for a brisk morning walk, or simply sit outside as you drink your morning cup of tea. 

#2 Enjoy In-Season Foods

Last week, we shared some delicious fall foods that would make the perfect addition to a healthy and balanced diet as we head into cooler weather. Consider foods like spaghetti squash, butternut squash, apples, and sprinkle some cinnamon on your morning bowl of oatmeal or even whisk into coffee or tea. 

#3 Blend up This Delicious Energy-Boosting Smoothie

Try blending up a smoothie and adding tons of nutritional goodness as a healthy snack or an energy-supporting breakfast. Check out our Energy-Boosting Smoothie here and feel free to see which of our Magnificent Mushroom Blends works best for you in this recipe —Immunity, Brain, or the Athletic blend

#4 Reduce Stress

If you’ve already been working on stress reduction, keep carrying this over into the fall months. Try things like a morning brisk walk, meditation, or a regular yoga practice as stress reduction is a huge part of supporting overall wellness. 

Head Into Fall Feeling Your Best

Let’s head into the cooler months feeling our best! From eating healthy to moving our bodies regularly, and reducing stress, supporting optimal wellness is something we can all continue to do as this upcoming season approaches us. 


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