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Bone Health and Density

Posted by DrVims Admin on
Bone Health and Density

Bone Health and Density   

In this episode of the Power Plant Podcast, we talk about the importance of bone health and bone density. We talk about two different types of complications when it comes to bone health, osteopenia and osteoporosis. They are often due to hormonal changes or deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D. We also explore how hormones impact bone density and how this plays a role in how women go on to develop these bone conditions.

In this episode, we also explore some steps you can take to keep your bones healthy including avoiding carbonated beverages, cutting back on caffeine, moderating your protein consumption to prevent acidity in the body, and avoiding Tums and other antacids.  


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We also talk about what type of calcium you should be supplementing with that will be most absorbable in the body, and how important getting enough vitamin D is for bone health. This includes getting enough sunlight to help the body make enough vitamin D which also consuming enough vitamin D rich foods.  

If bone health is something that interests you, or you are currently suffering from osteopenia or osteoporosis, tune into this informative episode to learn a handful of natural ways to keep your bones strong and healthy.


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