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These 3 Superfood Seeds Boost Clarity & Energy All Day Long

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These 3 Superfood Seeds Boost Clarity & Energy All Day Long

Adding superfoods to your diet is a great way to support overall health. Adding superfood seeds to your diet happens to be a super easy way to pack in some extra fiber, protein, and omega-3’s to help fuel your body and promote optimal health. 

The great thing about these superfood seeds is that they are small but mighty. They come with a whole list of health benefits and are a great plant-based addition to any diet. 

Here are three superfood seeds that all pack in some added omega-3 fatty acids to support brain health and energy all day long. 


3 Best Superfood Seeds for Brain Health & Energy   


#1 Chia Seeds: These little seeds pack in a hefty dose of plant-based omega-3’s, dietary fiber, and protein. Chia seeds are also packed full of antioxidants, and may even help promote a healthy weight as they can help promote satiety. (1) Try making a homemade chia pudding like this recipe, adding chia seeds to your smoothies, or sprinkling them over a bowl of oatmeal. 

#2 Pumpkin Seeds: Adding pumpkin seeds to your diet is a great way to boost your zinc intake. Zinc is important for immune health, so you may want to add some pumpkin seeds to your diet during cold and flu season. (2) They are also an energy-dense superfood that serves as a great energy-boosting snack. A great way to enjoy these superfood seeds is to make a homemade granola with pumpkin seeds, rolled oats, raw almonds, and some cinnamon, and pink Himalayan sea salt.

#3 Hemp Seeds: Hemp seeds are an amazing source of plant-based protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. They are also generally well-tolerated and can be beneficial for digestive health. You can add hemp seeds to your diet by sprinkling some over a bowl of oatmeal, blending them into a smoothie, or using them in a gluten-free baking recipe. For an added boost, try adding them to your daily shake with one of Dr. Vim’s medicinal mushroom blends. Hemp seeds paired with our Brain Blend is the ideal way to give your brain health a little boost 

Add a Superfood Boost to Your Diet 

Try adding these seeds to your diet to add in some plant-based power. These seeds are easy to add to things like smoothies, oatmeal, or even homemade granola, and they are very easy to find in just about any grocery store.

If you’re looking for an additional brain boost, consider adding our Magnificent Mushrooms Brain Blend to your diet for optimal focus and mental clarity as you tackle your everyday to-do list. 


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