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How to Simplify Your Daily Schedule For Lower Stress Levels

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How to Simplify Your Daily Schedule For Lower Stress Levels

For many of us, not having a routine, or a plan for how we go about tackling everything on our to-do list can lead to stress and overwhelm. And, life can get busy. From work obligations, to home life, it may seem like our to-do list is never ending. 

But, here’s the thing. If we were to simplify our daily schedule, we all may find that our overall stress levels are lower.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways to simplify your daily schedule for lower stress. 


5 Ways to Simplify Your Schedule For Less Stress  


#1 Use a Planner or Online Calendar: Writing out what you have going on each day is really an essential part of simplifying things, and getting the most important things done each day. You can get as detailed as needed by blocking certain times for certain activities which can really help keep you on track and less stressed each day. 

#2 Say No More Often: When you really take the time to write out your schedule, it will really give you a closer look at how much extra time you have each day. This will help you determine what you can say yes to and what you have to say no to. Say no to commitments that aren’t going to work for your schedule at that moment. You will be much less stressed out when you don’t have on overpacked schedule where there’s no possible way you will get everything done. 

#3 Start Your Day With Yinergy or Vigor: Our adaptogenic blends make the ideal way to start your day. Yinergy (for women) and Vigor (for men) can help support the adrenals, support the body during periods of stress, and even help you feel more productive and ready to tackle your to-do list each day. 

#4 Have Routines: Try to get into consistent routines. Whether it’s a breakfast routine, or your evening routine before bed. Routines are a great way to simplify your life, and healthy routines like making a healthy breakfast, or getting enough sleep is super important for overall health. 

#5 Prep For The Next Day The Night Before: Simplify your morning routine by prepping a few things you need the night before. Organize your clothes, pack your lunch, and maybe even get some of your breakfast prepped. This way you can just grab and go and significantly reduce your stress levels before your day even gets started. 

Let’s face it, we all have stress. But, we don’t have to feel totally overwhelmed, even with a super busy schedule. Taking some time to organize our to-do list, saying no more often, and getting into some solid routines is key for lower stress, increased productivity, and a more organized day. 


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