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A Roundup of The Top 5 Holiday Sweets You’ll Want to Enjoy For Christmas

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A Roundup of The Top 5 Holiday Sweets You’ll Want to Enjoy For Christmas

With a week until Christmas, you may be in serious Christmas cookie mode! But, we want to share a roundup of five delicious holiday sweets that make Christmas baking just a tad healthier. 

These recipes are all gluten-free, and much lower in refined sugar than your traditional holiday sweet treats. So, consider whipping up one or two of these desserts that you can feel much better about enjoying on Christmas. 


5 Healthier Holiday Desserts  

#1 Gluten-Free Crinkle Cookies 

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without at least making one batch of cookies, right? These gluten free crinkle cookies shared by (@40aprons) look like the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season without a ton of added sugar. 

#2 Christmas Brownies 

These Christmas brownies made by (@chelseasmessyappron) would make the perfect treat to enjoy after Christmas dinner. Gluten-free, and refined-sugar free, you’ll want to add these to your holiday baking list! 

#3 Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a common staple this time of year. Why not make it healthier with this peppermint hot chocolate recipe shared by (@livingwellmom)? Made with only a few ingredients, you can make this hot chocolate with only a few minutes of your time and a few ingredients.  

#4 Cinnamon & Ginger Milk 

One of our own recipes we think would make a great addition to your other holiday season recipes. This cinnamon and ginger milk is made with anti-inflammatory spices, and our medicinal mushrooms immunity blend to help keep you healthy through the holiday season. 

#5 Healthy Holiday Fudge 

If you’re looking for a delicious treat to share with loved ones this year, try out this healthy holiday fudge shared by (@thehealthyfamilyandhome). These would make the perfect homemade gift to bring to your next holiday dinner party. 

Enjoy Holiday Treats The Healthy Way 

The holidays usually come with lots of added sugar, but this year, make your holiday baking a little healthier with these five healthier Christmas treats. Flavorful, easy to make, and a tad healthier than the real thing, these recipes bring a new healthy twist to the holiday season. 


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