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5 Reasons to Do More Yoga (For Mental + Physical Health)

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5 Reasons to Do More Yoga (For Mental + Physical Health)

Yoga is one of the most talked-about forms of exercise — from stress reduction to supporting strength and tone it’s something many of us can benefit from doing more of. 

Read on as we share five reasons to do more yoga for both our mental and physical health. 


5 Reasons To Do More Yoga 

#1 Stress Reduction

With everything going on in the world, stress is definitely on the rise, and finding ways to combat stress is one of the best ways to support overall wellness. 

Yoga is great for helping us feel more grounded and balanced and is an amazing way to reduce feelings of stress and tension. 

#2 Makes an Amazing Addition to Any Morning Or Evening Routine 

Try starting your morning or wind down your evening with a calming yoga routine — it’s great for setting the tone for a calmer, more centered day, and is the ideal way to calm a racing mind before bed. 

#3 Yoga Makes a Great Addition to Your Workout Routine 

Try adding yoga to your current workout routine to build strength and support flexibility. It makes the perfect addition to an active recovery day. 

#4 Is a Great Way to Support Your Posture 

If you find yourself sitting at a desk all day, try adding more yoga into your life to help support posture! With better posture often comes less back pain, and it’s a great way to strengthen your shoulder muscles as well.  

#5 Learn How to Connect Your Breath to Your Movements

The practice of yoga also helps us connect our breath to our movements, a valuable tool that you can go on and use in other types of exercise as well! Plus, learning how to deeply breathe is another great way to help reduce tension during times of stress. 

Add More Yoga Into Your Life

There are so many amazing reasons to consider doing more yoga — for both physical and mental benefits! So, if you’ve been meaning to try more yoga lately, consider this your invitation to get started. Your mind and body will thank you for it! 


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