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5 Ways to Make BBQ Favorites Healthier

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5 Ways to Make BBQ Favorites Healthier

Summertime calls for plenty of extra time spent outside and yummy BBQ foods, so we’re sharing five simple ways that you can make your BBQ favorites healthy and delicious! 

From your go-to sauces to your BBQ burgers, we have you covered. 


5 Simple Ways to Make Your BBQ Healthier

#1 Go Plant-based 

Try making a simple and delicious swap by ditching the meat and going plant-based instead! There are so many yummy veggie burger options that you can pick up from the store, or you can even make your own with a combo of ingredients like brown rice or quinoa, sweet potatoes, and beans. 

#2 Make Your Own Condiments 

Many store-bought condiments like ketchup and mustard option contain added sugars. Try making your own condiments or even salad dressings and marinades. It can be as simple as using some olive or avocado oil as a base with some balsamic and your favorite herbs and spices. 

#3 Go Heavy on the Veggies 

When putting together healthy BBQ meals, go heavy on the veggies! You can make veggie kabobs to cook on the grill or grill up some bell peppers and onions to use on top of your veggie burger for some added flavor and nutritional value. 

#4 Have a Plant-based Dessert

Who says dessert can’t be healthy? Try making a plant-based dessert by whipping up some frozen bananas into “nice cream”. Experiment with different flavors like chocolate or even mint chip! 

#5 Use Dairy-free Cheese Options

In need of a plant-based cheese and cracker plate? Try using dairy-free options instead. There are so many yummy almond and cashew milk varieties available now that make dairy-free eating so much easier. 

Enjoy Your BBQ's the Healthy Way This Summer

BBQ season can be healthy (and delicious). So, try using these healthy BBQ tips to take summer eating up to a new healthy level! 


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