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4 Morning Coffee Replacers For Energy

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4 Morning Coffee Replacers For Energy

Do you rely heavily on that morning cup of joe to get your day started off on an energizing note? You’re not alone. A morning cup of joe is a staple part of so many of our morning routines, but if you are tired of feeling jittery post caffeine, there are other options! 

Here are four morning coffee replacers that may be exactly what you need for that morning energy boost (without the jitters). 


4 Caffeine Free Energy Boosters 

#1 Lemon Water 

The first thing we all should be reaching for when we wake up is a glass of water. We’ve gone all night without any hydration, so it’s time to break the fast with a tall glass of hydrating water. 

Add some lemon for an added boost — you may be surprised at how energizing lemon water can be. 

#2 Try Herbal Tea 

If you’re used to drinking a warm beverage in the morning, try swapping out the caffeinated option for herbal tea instead. You could even whisk in a Magnificent Mushroom blend of your choice for an added boost. 

Sometimes all we need is a warm beverage to remind us of our cup of coffee, but no caffeine required. 

#3 Adaptogens

Adaptogens help support our body’s stress response, a huge part of supporting energy levels (because when we’re stressed, we tend to feel more tired!) This is where starting your day with adaptogenic herbs comes into play. 

Check out Yinergy (for women) and Vigor (for men). 

#4 Exercise 

Exercise can go a long way in helping give you a much-needed energy boost. Even if you can’t fit in a full workout, a quick brisk walk or 20 minutes of yoga can go a long way in getting your day started off with a boost of energy. 

Get Your Day Started Off With An Energized Boost (Without the Jitters) 

So, there you have it. Four natural ways to support energy levels in the morning without the jitters that often come with caffeine. 

Try adding one or two of these to your morning routine to see if they give you that added boost of energy we all need each morning. 


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