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Why Finding Gratitude This Thanksgiving Can Make You Happier & Healthier

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Why Finding Gratitude This Thanksgiving Can Make You Happier & Healthier

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a time to spend time with friends and family, enjoying good food, and acknowledging all the things you have to be grateful for. But, did you know that being thankful can actually make you a happier person? Here’s just one more reason to count our blessings each day.

Here are three reasons why being thankful can make you happier and make for a happier Thanksgiving!


Why Being Thankful Can Make You Happier    


#1 It will put you in a better mood: Looking at all of the things you have to be thankful for in your life can definitely put you in a better mood! Make it a point to wake up on Thanksgiving day and acknowledge all of the things you have in your life, and it will surely start your Thanksgiving off on the right foot. This is also a good practice to get into to start each day on a positive note.

#2 You will set the tone for a positivity: Practicing gratitude can help you stay positive, and you can start by bringing more positivity to the dinner table this Thanksgiving. If it’s tradition to have a big Thanksgiving dinner with family, sharing what you have to be grateful for with one another can set the tone for a more positive dinner party. Plus, you may spark something in your friends and family to be extra grateful this year as well! It is also the perfect way to change your mindset and we get closer to the New Year. Start practicing gratitude each day to bring more positivity into your life.

#3  You may wind up being healthier: Gratitude may come with some added health benefits! The more you bring gratitude into your life, the lower your stress levels will be. Chronic stress can weaken your immune system and cause inflammation. The more you are able to reduce your stress, the healthier you will be. A great way to practice gratitude which will also help reduce your stress is to buy a journal and write down three things you are thankful for each day. It will help to set the tone for the day, and help you stay upbeat and positive even when the stress of the day sets in.

This Thanksgiving, really take a look at the things you have to be grateful for in life and let this carry through for months and even years to come. The more you practice gratitude, the happy and healthier you will be.

The Dr. Vim’s team wishes you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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