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The Top 4 Adaptogens That Can Help You Cope With Stress During the Holiday Madness

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The Top 4 Adaptogens That Can Help You Cope With Stress During the Holiday Madness

The holiday season often comes with countless obligations and added stress. It can leave us feeling fatigued, drained, and even irritable. But, you don’t have to let yourself get to the point of depletion. With the right adaptogenic herb support, you may feel better than you ever have this holiday season. 

Here are the top four adaptogens that can help you cope with stress during the holiday madness. 


4 Adaptogens To Help You Cope With The Holiday Madness 

#1 Ashwagandha: One of the most popular adaptogens, ashwagandha, is perfect for this stressful time of year. It’s known to help promote an overall sense of calm while reducing inflammation and helping the adrenals cope with stress. You can find KSM-66 ashwagandha in our Vigor and Yinergy adaptogen blends, which is the most potent ashwagandha you can find on the market. 

#2 American Ginseng: Another popular adaptogen, American Ginseng is great for promoting a calmer mood, while also supporting those who are prone to stress or who have chaotic work schedules. This is an adaptogen that many people may benefit from during the busy holiday season. 

#3 DGL Licorice: This adaptogen acts as a powerful adrenal tonic, to help support the adrenals and the body cope with all the added burdens that come up this time of year. 

#4 Rhodiola: Often used as a mood and energy tonic, Rhodiola may help you combat the fatigue that often comes with a chaotic schedule this time of year, while also keeping your mood upbeat while decreasing feelings of stress.  

Let Adaptogens Support You This Time of Year 

This time of year is busy and can often come with lots of stress. However, with a little help from adaptogens, you may find yourself feeling more centered and calm and able to enjoy this holiday season more than ever before. 

Check out our Yinergy and Vigor adaptogenic herb blends to give your body the support it needs during this busy time of year. 


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