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Summer Allergies Have You Down? Here are 4 Tips For Easing Symptoms

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Summer Allergies Have You Down? Here are 4 Tips For Easing Symptoms

Every time allergy season starts,  it seems like the pollen gets worse, and symptoms start earlier and last longer. The past couple of years, many people have been complaining of worsening allergy symptoms, and as it turns out, we appear to be getting more pollen than ever before, and the allergy season is lasting longer. (1)

This is definitely not what allergy sufferers want to hear, but the good news is that there are some steps you can take to help calm symptoms. Plus, if you can manage to implement these steps before next year's allergy season hits, you may not have nearly as rough of a time when that pollen comes on strong. 


4 Tips For Managing Allergy Symptoms This Summer   


#1 Boost Adrenal Health: Did you know that adrenal health can directly impact how your body responds to seasonal allergies? It all has to do with the stress hormone cortisol. Since cortisol plays such a big role in the body’s inflammatory response, it makes sense that anyone who may be suffering from adrenal fatigue may experience an increase in allergy symptoms. If the adrenals are not producing enough cortisol to help mediate a histamine response when you come in contact with an allergen like pollen or ragweed, you are likely to experience allergy symptoms. 

So, while we often think of cortisol as a bad thing, we actually need a certain amount for our body’s immune and anti-inflammatory response, and if you suffer from adrenal fatigue, you may not be producing enough. You can support adrenal health with adaptogenic herbs like the ones found in our Yinergy and Vigor blends to help give your body to best chance in fighting off allergies this season! 

#2 Acupuncture: Acupuncture is used for so many different health ailments and can be used to help rebalance the body. Many people rely on acupuncture treatments during allergy season to help decrease their symptoms, and many people find improvements after just one session. If you are a chronic allergy sufferer, you may benefit from more than one treatment session each week during peak allergy season, but a trained acupuncturist can work on developing a plan tailored to your needs! (2)

#3 Probiotics: Gut health is important for every aspect of health, and may even play a role in how your body responds to allergens during allergy season. Certain probiotics have been found to help regulate the body’s immune response to certain allergens. A study found that a combination of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria worked well for helping maintain immune response and reducing hay fever symptoms. (3)

#4 Exercise: Exercise is good for all aspects of health, and it may even help you control your seasonal allergy symptoms. Moving your body is a great way to get the blood flowing and the lymph system moving to help move some of the allergens out of your body. Try to move your body as much as possible, even if it’s just a daily brisk walk. It may help your allergies more than you would think. 

The Bottom Line

If allergy season has you feeling miserable, try making some of these dietary and lifestyle changes to see if some natural approaches can help you control your symptoms. Not only do these changes have the potential to help reduce your allergy symptoms, but they can supercharge your health and help you feel your best all year long, allergy season or not. 


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