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Is Coconut Oil Healthy? Here’s What you Need to Know

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Is Coconut Oil Healthy? Here’s What you Need to Know

Coconut oil has been a hot topic of conversation since a Harvard professor came out saying that she thought coconut oil was “pure poison.” But, is this really the case, and why did this professor have such a strong opinion about coconut oil?

Let’s talk about why coconut oil has been a topic of controversy, and if it’s something you will want to continue adding to your diet.


Why Coconut Oil Has Been Controversial  


Even before the Harvard Professor voiced her opinion about coconut oil during one of her lectures, all fats have received a bad reputation, not only coconut oil. Adding fat to your diet has been a topic of confusion for many years. It seems like one fad diet comes out telling you to limit your fat intake, while another diet encourages you to consume a large amount of healthy fat. It’s no wonder it’s confusing, and with coconut oil being a high-fat food, it has been questioned before.

Now that the Harvard Professor has dubbed coconut oil as being “pure poison” people are questioning coconut oil even more. So, why exactly does Karin Michels (the Harvard Professor) think we should stay away from this fat? It all has to do with saturated fat. But, is saturated fat really the problem here? Keep reading to learn why it may not necessarily be.

Should we Still Consume Coconut Oil?

Now you may be wondering if you should still be consuming coconut oil, and the answer is most likely yes! Why? Well because saturated fats do play a role in our overall health. While this may be surprising, it has to do with the fact that our cell membranes are comprised of a large percentage of saturated fat, play a role in supporting brain and immune health, and are essential for proper nerve signaling in the body. We need a certain amount of saturated fat in the diet for all of these important body functions. While there are some sources of saturated fats we should be avoiding such as processed and fried foods, as well as trans and hydrogenated fats, coconut oil is a great source since it contains other excellent health benefits which include:

  • Antimicrobial properties which can help support a strong immune system

  • Supports brain health
  • Supports energy levels
  • Great for skin health when used topically

The Bottomline

The bottom line is that coconut oil contains numerous health benefits, and while high in saturated fats, it can help support overall wellness, especially when consumed in moderation. The thing about coconut oil and any healthy oil is that a little goes a long way. You don’t need all that much coconut oil to reap the health benefits, so you don’t necessarily have to worry about consuming an excessive amount of saturated fat when you add coconut oil to your diet.

If you enjoy coconut oil regularly, you can feel good about the health benefits this oil does have, just be sure to choose the right kind of coconut oil. You will want to choose an oil that is unrefined and choose virgin coconut oil if possible. Unrefined virgin coconut oil ensures that you are getting an oil that has not been exposed to chemicals, so you can get the health benefits of coconut oil without exposing yourself to added toxins.


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