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Feeling That Afternoon Energy Slump? Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Levels High All Day

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Feeling That Afternoon Energy Slump? Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Levels High All Day

By the time that 2 or 3 pm hour hits, many of us deal with a sudden energy slump and tend to reach for that third cup of coffee. But, what if there was a better way to support all-day energy levels without feeling those post-caffeine jitters?

We’re sharing five ways to feel energized all-day, no coffee required. 


5 Ways to Support All-Day Energy 

#1 Get Outside 

There’s just something about getting outside in the fresh air that helps give us a boost of energy. So, when that afternoon energy slump sets in, try getting outside for a brisk walk. Chances are, you’ll feel more energized and have a boost in mood as well. 

#2 Move Your Body 

Even if exercise is the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling tired, getting a little movement in may actually be super beneficial. Plus, you’ll be left with that post-workout endorphin rush, leaving you in a better mood as well. 

#3 Try Adaptogens 

The power of adaptogens is truly amazing. They can help support balance in your body, and many people notice an improvement in their energy and productivity levels. Here at Dr. Vim’s we’ve created two adaptogenic blends — one for men and one for women to help you feel your best all day long. 

#4 Limit Caffeine 

While you may reach for caffeine when you’re feeling tired mid-day, it may be doing more harm than good. Too much caffeine can leave you feeling wired and jittery, and any energy boost you do get is often short-lasting. 

A better option is to support all-day energy levels that won’t leave you with those caffeine jitters. 

#5 Diffuse Citrus Or Peppermint Essential Oils 

If you’re into essential oils, diffusing some peppermint or citrus may give you a pep in your step. These have been found to be particularly helpful for energy and even mood. 

Keep Those Energy Levels Up All Day 

There you have it — five ways to stay energized all day without relying on caffeine. Try these out and see how they make you feel. They may give you that energy and mood boost you need to power through your day. 


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