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5 Simple (& Realistic) Ways to Combat Stress Each Day

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5 Simple (& Realistic) Ways to Combat Stress Each Day

It’s a new month, which makes the perfect time to set new goals, including new ways to practice daily self-care, a huge part of that involves reducing stress. 

We’re sharing five simple and very realistic ways to help ease stress every single day. 


5 Ways to Combat Stress Each Day 

#1 Get Outside

Getting out into nature is one of the best and free ways to help ease feelings of stress. Try getting outside for a brisk walk each morning or after your workday to help feel a bit less tense. 

#2 Have a Morning Ritual 

Having a morning ritual in place is a great way to help not only practice self-care, but to also set the tone for a productive day. Try exercising or meditating in the AM, followed by crossing something off of your to-do list first thing in the morning. 

#3 Stop & Take Five

When you feel yourself getting stressed out, stop, and take five deep breaths to help center your mind and your body before returning to the task at hand. 

#4 Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals sets us up for unstable blood sugar levels, which can leave us feeling even more on edge. So, try not to skip meals and enjoy wholesome and nutrient-dense foods to keep your blood sugar levels in check. 

#5 Wind Your Day Down With an Evening Ritual 

Just like having a morning ritual can be beneficial for reducing stress, having an evening routine can be beneficial as well. Try setting aside some time before bed to just unwind with a gentle yoga routine, meditation, or just drinking a mug of Holy Basil tea while reading a book. 

Make Stress Reduction Easy  

Reducing stress doesn’t have to mean setting aside an hour each day or spending money on a spa day. It can be as simple as reminding yourself to take regular deep breaths and establishing some morning and evening rituals. 

With these simple hacks, you may find yourself feeling a bit more centered and much less stressed. 


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