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Relieving Chronic Pain

Posted by DrVims Admin on
Relieving Chronic Pain

Relieving Chronic Pain    

In this episode of The Power Plant Podcast, we dive into the topic of chronic pain, and how you can find natural relief using herbs, and chiropractic care. We have special guest Dr. Sarah Dunagan on our show to help us talk about this topic and offer you different natural pain relief options.

We also talk about some of the most common types of pain such as headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, nerve damage, and arthritis. We also talk about how stress can cause chronic pain since the body is constantly bombarded with different stressors which can cause misalignment in the body. We look at how adaptogenic herbs can help relieve chronic pain as well as anti-inflammatory spices and herbs like turmeric to relieve chronic inflammation that cause chronic pain.


      Adrenal Formulas & Teas 





      Dr. Dunagan also addresses diet and how diet plays such an important role when it comes to relieving chronic pain and just how important staying hydrated and getting enough essential fatty acids in the diet is.

      If you suffer from Chronic Pain, tune into this episode of The Power Plant Podcast to see how chiropractic care in addition to herbs and nutrition can help reduce your chronic pain.



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