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What Are Microhabits? Plus, How They Can Transform Your Lifestyle

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What Are Microhabits? Plus, How They Can Transform Your Lifestyle

If the term microhabitats is new to you, we’re sharing how they may be something that could transform your health.

 Plain and simple, these are very small, but very actionable daily habits that you include into your life right away. These microhabits may be small, but being able to follow through with them each day is what makes them so powerful. 


5 Microhabits to Boost Your Health 

We’re sharing some examples of some microhabits that are easy to implement and may help support your health. 

#1 Unplug For One Hour Each Night

We live in a very technology connected world. So, challenge yourself to unplug for just one hour each night as part of your evening routine. Having a small goal of just one hour to start will be much more realistic than saying you’ll turn your phone off for the entire evening. 

#2 Meditate for 2 Minutes 

If you’ve been meaning to start a meditation practice, but you just can’t seem to find the time, start with just two minutes. 

Knowing that you are only committing to such a short amount of time will give you that power you need to push through and actually do it. 

After you get your daily two-minute meditation in, try bumping it up to three, and then five, until you’ve reached a whole 10-minute practice. 

#3 Make Your Bed First Thing in the AM 

As soon as you wake up in the morning, make your bed. This is an easy way to set the tone for a productive day right off the bat. 

#4 Set a Daily Intention 

While sitting down for breakfast each morning, try setting a daily intention. This will help you stay present during the chaos of the day. 

You can set a new one each day and use this as a grounding practice before your day gets going. 

#5 Add One Superfood to Breakfast 

Try adding one superfood to your breakfast. Focusing on changing just one meal each day makes things seem way more doable than having to radically change breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at the same time. 

Foods like berries, hemp seeds, dark leafy greens, or half of an avocado are all delicious ways to supercharge your breakfast. A super easy way to pack in tons of nutritional value into your morning meal is to make a smoothie with lots of fruit, veggies, superfood seeds, and a drizzle of nut butter. 

Use The Power of Microhabits

As you can see, microhabits are much easier to implement on a day to day basis than large overhauls of your current routine. You can add these microhabits into your day and walk away feeling super productive with an “I can do” attitude! That’s the whole purpose of these small but mighty daily habits. 

Over time, you’ll keep adding to your microhabits, which all make a huge difference in your overall health. 


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