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The Top 5 Seasonally Delicious Fruits to Reduce Inflammation This Spring

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The Top 5 Seasonally Delicious Fruits to Reduce Inflammation This Spring

Spring is in the air, which means seasonal fruits may be hitting the shelves at your local grocery store. This is a great time to add some variety to your diet and bulk up on foods that fight inflammation. 

Here are our top five seasonal fruit picks that may help ease inflammation as we enter into the spring season. 


5 Seasonal Fruits That Can Help Cool Inflammation  

#1 Strawberries

If you’ve been holding out for a super sweet and in-season strawberry all winter, these delicious berries are coming back into season. Berries are a great anti-inflammatory fruit choice and can be easily enjoyed blended into smoothies or enjoyed as a sweet snack with a handful of nuts and seeds. 

#2 Avocados 

Avocados are another seasonally delicious fruit that also happens to be a great way to pack in some healthy fats. You can add avocados on top of a veggie burger, salads, or added to smoothies for additional creaminess. 

#3 Grapefruits

If you’re a big citrus fan, spring is the perfect time to add some grapefruit to your diet. Not only are they loaded with antioxidants, but they may help support a strong immune system.

#4 Cherries

Cherries are another great spring fruit that comes with some powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They add a flavorful punch to salads, enjoyed with a bowl of oats, or made into a tart and flavorful smoothie. 

#5 Navel Oranges 

This is also a great time to add some oranges to your diet for an immune and anti-inflammatory boost. Oranges make a great healthy on the go snack to enjoy with a handful of almonds or walnuts or added to a refreshing salad for a nutritional boost. 

Cool Inflammation This Spring 

Fruits and veggies are always a great addition to a balanced diet, especially when cooling inflammation is one of your goals. 

Try munching on more of these fruits this spring to add a punch of delicious flavor and a big nutritional boost to your diet. 


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