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The Top 4 Foods For Skin Health

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The Top 4 Foods For Skin Health

The summer months are a great time to talk about skin health, especially with more time being spent outside. But, taking care of our skin goes beyond just protecting it from the sun. Enjoying these wholesome foods is not only a great way to help keep our body in tip-top shape, but to help support skin health too. 

Here are four foods for skin health to consider enjoying throughout the rest of the summer. 


4 Foods to Help Support Skin Health 

#1 Watermelon 

A summertime favorite, watermelon has a high water content, making it a refreshing and hydrating treat to enjoy on a hot summer day. Hydration is huge for keeping our skin supple and to help ward off dryness.

 For a creative way to enjoy this fruit, you can blend some up and freeze into ice cubes to make your glass of water even more refreshing! 

#2 Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a great summertime veggie that also happen to be an ideal hydrating food. You can try enjoying some sliced cucumbers with hummus or add some cucumbers to a salad for some added crunch. 

#3 Celery

Celery also has a high water content, making it another hydrating food that’s easy to add to your diet. And, celery happens to make a great veggie to use in homemade juice. You can try making a refreshing and hydrating juice with celery, cucumber, and lemon. 

#4 Avocado 

The rich, healthy fat content makes avocado a great food to help support the health of our skin. And if you suffer from dry skin, healthy fats are key. 

Try adding some avocado to your smoothies, enjoying sliced avocado with some lemon or lime juice for a healthy snack, or enjoying avocado in your salads. 

Supporting Skin Health Starts From Within 

While there are tons of skin care products available, supporting the health of our skin starts from within. And, with a healthy diet, packed full of nutrient-dense foods, it may not only benefit your skin but your entire body as well. 

So, challenge yourself to focus on getting as many real and wholesome foods into your diet as possible. You may be surprised at how powerful a nutrient-dense diet can be. 


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