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Do You Know What’s in Your Tap? Here’s Why Filtered Water is a Big Deal

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Do You Know What’s in Your Tap? Here’s Why Filtered Water is a Big Deal

Filtering your water seems to have become the norm, where not too long ago, drinking straight from the tap wasn’t as frowned upon. But, what’s the big deal with filtering your H2O anyway, what’s really hiding in our tap water that we need to know about?

We’re uncovering why filtering your water is such a big deal, and how anyone, no matter what your budget is, can have safe and clean drinking water available to them. 


Do You Know What's in Your Tap? 

One of the biggest things we need to dive into when it comes to tap water is the impurities. Contaminants can easily leak into the water we drink when the water is piped into our homes. Some of the common contaminants found in tap water include lead, mercury, BPA, Giardia lamblia (a parasite), chlorine treatment by-products, atrazine, which is an endocrine-disrupting chemical, and even pharmaceutical drugs. 

Wow, right? While this is quite frightening, it’s not meant to totally freak you out! If you have been drinking tap water, don’t overly worry yourself. The best thing you can do is to look into water filtration options that are going to work for your budget and home. Taking steps now to filter out some of the contaminants in tap water is one of the best steps you can take to make sure these impurities aren’t making their way into your glass of water. 

Different Water Filtering Options 

The great news is that there are so many different water filtration options. From filtration pitchers like the Brita to Berkey water filters that can sit on your countertop, and installed reverse osmosis systems, you have options. While some water filtrations systems are definitely way more expensive than others, there’s options for everyone. 

Here’s a breakdown from (@healthykitchen101) that shares their top 12 favorite water filtration systems and why each one may work for you. 

The Takeaway 

Safe drinking water is something that we tend to take for granted. However, after the big water crisis that occurred in our country in Flint, Michigan, it’s clear that this can really happen anywhere and that we may want to pay more attention to what can leak into our tap water. 

If you haven’t been filtering your water, consider investing in a water filter for your home. It’s one of those purchases that’s an amazing investment for your health. And, many of these systems come with filters that last quite a while, so, it’s an investment that doesn’t usually come with long term costs. 

Take the step to investing in your health by filtering your water. Clean drinking water is one of those things we tend to forget about, but it’s just as important as eating a clean and healthy diet.


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