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Looking for Ways to Use Holiday Leftovers? Here are Three Healthy Hacks

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Looking for Ways to Use Holiday Leftovers? Here are Three Healthy Hacks

Wondering what to do with all of your holiday leftovers? We have some hacks for you! And, post Christmas day, you may be looking to clean up your diet a bit, so all of those leftovers may not be exactly what you want to eat after a big Christmas feast. 

But, with some healthy meal hacks, you can make good use of that extra turkey or cranberry sauce you have sitting in your fridge. 


3 Holiday Leftover Hacks

#1 Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

If you have tons of leftover turkey, why not make a healthy turkey sandwich with some yummy leftover cranberry sauce? And, instead of using bread, try using lettuce leaves to cut back on carbs. Load your sandwich up with all your favorite toppings like onion and avocado.  

#2 Loaded Sweet Potatoes 

If you have some leftover sweet potatoes, try making some loaded sweet potatoes with shredded chicken or turkey and top with a slab of coconut oil and a drizzle of pure maple syrup and some sliced almonds or pecans. 

#3 Post Christmas Day Salad 

For the ultimate post-Christmas meal, try making a mixed salad with whatever leftovers you have! Add the turkey or ham on top of a bed of lettuce and serve with some cubed sweet potatoes, nuts, and whatever other veggies you have. Serve with some raw apple cider of balsamic vinegar for a nourishing meal. 

Make the Most of Your Holiday Leftovers 

Make the most of your holiday leftovers and whip up a meal you can feel good about enjoying. Use these three meal hacks to use up all those leftovers without wasting, but while also making healthier eating habits as we head into the new year. 


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