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How to Add More Seasonal Foods Into Your Diet This Spring

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How to Add More Seasonal Foods Into Your Diet This Spring

Eating seasonally can benefit your health in numerous ways. For one, seasonal foods contain more nutritional value than foods that have been sitting on the grocery store shelf for weeks after traveling thousands of miles just to be available to us during all times of the year.

Second, eating seasonally encourages us to add a variety of foods into our diet, and to enjoy the foods our bodies were designed to enjoy throughout the different times of the year.

Let’s take a look at four ways to add more seasonal foods into your diet this spring.


4 Ways to Add More Seasonal Foods Into Your Diet 


#1 Add Greens to Your Smoothies: A great way to add more seasonal veggies to your diet is by tossing them into your daily smoothie. Not only is this great for anyone who may not be a big fan of greens, it’s a great way to pack in a healthy dose of nutritional value in just one single smoothie. Try adding some seasonal greens to your smoothies this spring by adding a handful of spinach into your recipes as well as kale. If you have a juicer at home, you can also try juicing some broccoli, celery, or fennel for a seasonal green juice.

#2 Shop Local: Shopping local is the ideal way to support local farmers, but to also enjoy super fresh and nutrient-dense seasonal foods. As the weather gets warmer, local farmers markets start to open again, so make it a goal to get there once a week. You would be amazed at the taste difference between locally purchased fruit and veggies and store bought.

#3 Shop Every Few Days: If you shop every few days, and only pick up what you need, you may be more inclined to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Why? Because fresh fruits aren’t going to stay fresh as long as packaged options. Try shopping every few days, and only buy what you need, so you are less likely to waste, and more likely to finish all of the delicious and seasonal foods you purchased.

#4 Meal Prep: Meal preparation can be a great way to include seasonal foods into your diet. If you sit down and plan out what you are going to eat for a week, or a month, then you can be very mindful of what foods you include in your diet. You can also take the time to look up spring seasonal recipes that are easy to prepare, and you can make ahead of time to enjoy throughout the week. Not only is meal prep a great way to add more seasonal foods to your diet, but it is also a great way to eat healthier in general.

Take advantage of seasonal foods this spring, and get out and shop at your local farmers market. Not only will the food taste better, but you will be supporting your body with what it was designed to eat as we enter into the spring season.


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