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Happy Earth Day! Here’s 5 Eco-friendly Ways to Celebrate

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Happy Earth Day! Here’s 5 Eco-friendly Ways to Celebrate

Happy Earth Day! As we celebrate Earth Day today, we wanted to share five ways to give back to the planet and help each and every one of us reduce our carbon footprint. 

We all can make a difference, and we hope to inspire you to celebrate Earth Day with us today! 


5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day  

#1 Use Reusable Bags at the Grocery Store 

While this one may sound basic, it can cut back on a ton of waste! Plus, many grocery stores are adding an extra incentive to use your own shopping bags by giving you a credit off of your total for each bag that you use. 

#2 Avoid Plastic Water Bottles 

If you don’t already have a reusable water bottle, consider investing in one to help cut back on plastic waste! Not only will it help support a healthier planet with less waste, but you can carry it with you all day, pouring yourself refills as needed. 

Another way to reduce plastic waste is to steer clear of as many products that come in plastic containers. Here at Dr. Vim’s, we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality and choosing something other than plastic. This is why we avoid plastic use for our supplements and choose glass instead! 

#3 Recycle Egg Cartons 

Egg cartons make the perfect starter pot for planting some herbs and plants! Try recycling those cartons and growing your own basil, rosemary, parsley, or whatever your favorites are — you could even try growing your own lavender. Once the plants and herbs get too big for the carton, transfer them to your garden! 

#4 Use Eco-Friendly Household Products

Many store-bought cleaning products contain harmful chemicals, and not too many environmentally-friendly ingredients. So, try using greener options, or consider making your own using things like vinegar or castile soap. 

#5 Enjoy More Plant-Based Eating

Eating more plant-based foods is another great way to support the environment and do your part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that come from factory farming practices. Start by celebrating Earth Day today with plenty of plant-based foods! 

Happy Earth Day! 

Here’s to celebrating Earth Day by making a contribution to creating a healthier planet — whether this means getting outside today or taking steps to reducing our individual plastic waste or eating more plant-based, each eco-friendly step we take makes a difference! 


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