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Are You Eating These 5 Hidden Sources of Sugar? (Plus 3 Healthy Sugar Swaps)

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Are You Eating These 5 Hidden Sources of Sugar? (Plus 3 Healthy Sugar Swaps)

Sugar is found in everything, even some foods we would never think of, and with more and more research pointing to the dangers of added sugar, it’s important we play close attention to the foods we eat. From cardiovascular risks to blood sugar imbalances and weight gain, sugar can certainly cause health issues if consumed in excess.

To help you reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, here are five hidden sources of sugar, plus three healthy swaps.


5 Hidden Sources of Sugar  


#1 Yogurt: While often thought of as a health food, yogurt can be a huge source of added sugar. You want to stay away from the flavored yogurts as these tend to be the biggest offenders. Stick with full-fat unsweetened yogurt instead.

#2 Ketchup: Believe it or not, ketchup often contains added sugar. You can rack up about 4 grams of added sugar in just one tablespoon of ketchup! Think about how much ketchup you eat with your burger and fries. Chance are it’s more than one tablespoon, so those 4 grams of sugar can add up pretty quickly.

#3 Salad Dressing: Salad dressing is another big source of added sugar and can cost you about 5-7 grams of added sugar per serving. Instead of using store-bought salad dressing, try making your own with extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a pinch of salt.

#4 Tomato Sauce: The sauce you add to your pasta dishes is often full of added sugar, and while some brands are worse than others, it’s important to always read the nutrition label. It’s best to stay away from the sauce that contains added sugar or make your own homemade sauce instead.

#5 Milk: Did you know that milk contains about 13 grams of sugar per cup? Not only that, but dairy products can be inflammatory and many people don’t tolerate milk well. Try switching to unsweetened almond or coconut milk instead.

3 Healthy Sugar Swaps

Instead of adding extra sugar to your diet, try using these natural sugar alternatives instead. Keep in mind though that these should be enjoyed in moderation and only added sparingly to recipes.

#1 Raw Honey

#2 Pure Maple Syrup

#3 Dates


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