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7 Ways to Boost Your Tea This Fall to Keep You Healthy All Season Long

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7 Ways to Boost Your Tea This Fall to Keep You Healthy All Season Long

With the beautiful fall season also comes cold and flu season. However, there are some steps you can take to safeguard your health and keep you healthy all season long.  

We’re sharing seven ways you can boost your tea this fall to add in immune-boosting herbs and spices for a robust immune system. There’s no better time than now to start bolstering your immune system for a healthy season.


 7 Ways to Boost Your Tea For a Strong Immune System This Fall 


#1 Add Some Raw Honey: Raw honey is a great addition to your morning cup of tea. Honey contains natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to keep you healthy. Be sure to stick to raw and organic honey whenever possible, and stay away from the refined products that are full of added refined sugar.

#2 Add Medicinal Mushrooms: Try adding Dr. Vim’s Magnificent Mushrooms Immunity Blend to help give your immune system a boost throughout cold and flu season. Our Immunity Blend contains mushrooms like reishi and turkey tail for optimal immune support. 

#3 Try Holy Basil Tea: Instead of caffeinated tea, try holy basil tea this fall. Dr. Vim’s Holy Basil Tulsi Tea is a great tea to help reduce stress, a big part of reducing inflammation and keeping your immune system strong.

#4 Sprinkle in Some Turmeric: Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory spice that is great for this time of year. Try adding a sprinkle to your favorite herbal tea, or make a golden milk latte with full-fat unsweetened coconut milk, turmeric, and raw honey.

#5 Boost Gut Health With Ginger: Supporting gut health is key to supporting overall health and a strong immune system. Consider sipping on some ginger tea this fall, or add some grated ginger to your favorite cup of tea.

#6 Make “Bulletproof Tea”: Bulletproof coffee is all the buzz, but why not make a lower caffeine version using tea? Try adding ghee or coconut oil to your cup of black tea with a slash of full-fat unsweetened coconut milk. 

#7 Skip The Caffeine & Go Herbal: Go caffeine-free and choose herbal tea for the fall instead. Dropping the caffeine habit is great for your adrenals, and you can find plenty of immune-boosting herbal teas to enjoy instead. Try our Dr. Vim’s Hibiscus tea, or sip on one of the other options we discussed like ginger or Holy basil. 

Enjoy More Tea This Fall 

To help boost your immune system and stay healthy this fall, try enjoying more tea! There are some great ways to boost your daily cup for optimal immune support. Try boosting your tea with these seven tips to stay healthy this cold and flu season. 


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