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5 Ways to Enjoy Coconut Water for Electrolyte Balance This Summer

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5 Ways to Enjoy Coconut Water for Electrolyte Balance This Summer

Coconut water has been one of those trendy beverages that everyone seems to be raving about, especially during the heat of the summer. Coconut water is also commonly enjoyed among athletes who are looking to ditch the artificial sports drinks and naturally support electrolyte balance.  

With coconut water being a great way to replenish electrolytes, boost hydration, and add in a nice dose of important vitamins and minerals, here are five ways you may want to consider enjoying coconut water this summer. 


5 Ways to Enjoy Coconut Water This Summer   


#1 Used as Base For Your Smoothies: Instead of almond milk, try using coconut water as a base for your smoothies. Blend it up with some berries, a frozen banana, and a serving of our Magnificent Mushrooms Athletic Blend for a powerful way to support the body post-workout. 

#2 Make Coconut Water Popsicles: Ditch the store-bought sugar-filled popsicles, and make your own using coconut water and fruit. Blend everything together, add a drizzle of raw honey, and freeze in popsicle molds to enjoy on hot summer days. 

#3 Make Coconut Green Tea: Instead of using water to brew your tea in, make an iced coconut water green tea for a super refreshing beverage with lots of anti-inflammatory health benefits.

#4 Make Coconut Water Lemonade: Why not make your own lemonade with less sugar that still has that lemonade flavor you crave in the summer heat? Simply mix together coconut water, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and some raw honey for a tasty and healthier lemonade alternative. 

#5 Make Coconut Water Ice Cubes: Boost your electrolytes during exercise by adding some coconut water ice cubes to your bottle of water. Not only will it help support electrolyte balance, but these ice cubes will add some natural flavor to plain old water making it easier to stay hydrated as you exercise. 

If you have yet to try coconut water, there’s no better time to support hydration and support electrolyte balance than in the heat of the summer. So, give coconut water a try. It will be a welcome and refreshing beverage choice to keep you hydrated and healthy this summer. 


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