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4 Ways to Reduce Sugar Using These Delicious (And Healthy) Natural Sweeteners

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4 Ways to Reduce Sugar Using These Delicious (And Healthy) Natural Sweeteners

With sugar found in what seems like everything it can seem like a daunting task to reduce our sugar intake. The good news is that there are plenty of natural sweeteners that make limiting how much sugar you add to your diet just a bit easier. 

Here are four healthier natural sugar alternatives to use in place of refined sugar.


4 Natural Sweeteners to Use in Place of Refined Sugar

#1 Pure Maple Syrup 

Maple syrup makes a great natural sweetener that can be drizzled over oatmeal, enjoyed with homemade banana pancakes, or even mixed into healthier sweet treats like almond flour banana bread. 

#2 Maple Sugar 

Speaking of maple syrup, you can also use maple sugar if you are looking for a sugar replacer with a granulated texture. Use maple sugar just as you would regular sugar for a naturally sweet flavor. 

#3 Raw Honey 

Raw honey is another excellent and delicious natural sweetener that can be used in just about anything you would want to sweeten with sugar — you can even add a drizzle to your morning cup of coffee or tea for some added sweetness. 

#4 Coconut Sugar 

If you are looking for another granulated sweetener option that can be used at a 1:1 ratio with sugar, coconut sugar is another good option. You can add it to homemade muffins or mix it into your morning coffee or tea for a touch of sweetness. 

Try Sweetening Your Foods The Natural Way   

If you are looking for some easy and delicious ways to remove some of the refined sugar from your diet, consider giving some of these natural sweeteners a try. They prove that limiting our refined sugar intake doesn’t have to be as difficult as we think. 


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